Aurinkokarhu develops solar parks


Developing solar parks - For a bright and sustainable future

We plan for a greener tomorrow

Aurinkokarhu is a Finnish company developing solar power plants. We are dedicated to renewable energy and strongly value sustainable projects and innovative solutions. In our work, we strive to shape a world where landowners and the environment benefit together. Are you interested in solar energy, how you can get returns from your land through land leasing for solar energy production or do you have a business that is curious about green energy? Here you can explore us and get an insight into how we work to make a difference.

We always strive to plan our solar energy projects with precision and quality. By clicking here you can take a closer look at our ongoing projects.

Here we build solar parks

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Together we achieve
long-term goals

Let your land work for both you and the planet. We offer attractive returns and together we can create a sustainable future, while you as a landowner benefit financially.

For landowners

Is your company interested in sustainability and green energy, but afraid of the investment involved? We offer a solution: sign a PPA agreement with us and we will build a solar power plant on your roof or land, and your company will only pay for the energy produced.

Aurinkokarhu is a trusted partner and we will help your company achieve its sustainability goals, contact us and we will make a difference together.

For businesses

A large-scale solar park generates revenue for the municipality in the form of property tax as well as jobs in both construction and maintenance. Working with us can help the municipality achieve its sustainable development goals and increase self-sufficiency in local energy production.