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We at Aurinkokarhu

At Aurinkokarhu, we work hard to provide each partner with an excellent customer experience and to create a bright and sustainable future together. The team at Aurinkokarhu consists of dedicated and passionate individuals who prioritize expertise, environmental protection and a sustainable future.

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We place great emphasis on expertise, sustainability and quality.

Aurinkokarhu places great emphasis on creating sustainable and long-term partnerships. Our company has high environmental standards and was founded with a vision to promote the use of renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Finland. The vision is also that solar energy areas should be planned in areas that do not have a valuable use, such as old fur farm areas, peat mines and low-producing agricultural and forest land.

We put a strong focus on expertise, sustainability and quality, and strive to be a leading player in the industry.

We behind Aurinkokarhu

Andreas Renfält, Aurinkokarhu

We behind Aurinkokarhu

Andreas Renfält, Aurinkokarhu

Andreas Renfält

Executive Director

Throughout his professional life, Andreas has been an enterprising entrepreneur in several different industries. Through the various companies he has been involved in, he has a background in the production of domestic bioenergy, the development of wood chip and peat combustion plants, and the logistics and construction industry. He has a strong focus on sustainable development and renewable energy.

Staffan Asplund

Chairman of the Board

Staffan is one of the pioneers of the wind power sector in Finland. Staffan and his company have been involved in the majority of all wind power built in the country and continues to be a key figure in the wind power industry. Staffan has seen the need and opportunities to develop also solar energy in Finland and his solid knowledge of renewable energy is of great importance in the development of solar parks. Staffan is involved in about 1700 MW of wind power projects.

Tom Sarin


Tom is a project coordinator and co-owner of the company. Tom has extensive experience in civil engineering and infrastructure construction, as well as experience in the energy sector, which plays an important role in solar energy projects.