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We offer long-term Power Purchase Agreements

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At Aurinkokarhu, we value expertise and sustainable relationships. The employees and management behind the company have a long and wide experience in energy production, ranging from peat production, wind power production to solar energy. 



Power Purchase Agreement

Solar energy as a service involves signing a PPA, which is a long-term power purchase agreement. This means that a company buys a certain amount of electricity from the electricity producer for an agreed price. PPAs allow for a quick and easy decision to purchase solar energy because the company does not have to make any investments of its own, and can instead purchase affordable energy at a fixed price for up to 20 years.

Stable and predictable electricity prices

A PPA contract guarantees a fixed and favorable electricity price by locking in a fixed price level for the purchased electricity for the duration of the contract. This eliminates the uncertainty of energy market fluctuations and gives the company a predictable cost structure for its electricity use for up to 20 years.

Positive brand value without investment costs

The benefits of a PPA contract are both economic and environmental. You can use information on the origin of the electricity you buy for marketing and branding purposes.

No impact on core business

You can concentrate on your business, through a PPA contract you outsource the production of your consumed electricity without affecting your daily operations.

Minimizing risks

Aurinkokarhu owns, finances and maintains the energy facility. Through a PPA agreement, your company minimizes risk by securing a stable and predictable energy cost over the contract period. With our trusted background in green energy, we guarantee the security of your energy supply.

Sustainable electricity production and use

PPAs are a sustainable option for both the electricity user and the electricity producer as they promote a shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity use.

Promoting renewable energy

By signing a PPA agreement, companies support investments in renewable energy sources, thus demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

How does it work?

An overview of the Power Purchase Agreement process.

1. Signing a PPA agreement

The first step in the process is to sign a PPA with us.

2. Landlease agreement

The next step is to sign a lease agreement between Aurinkokarhu and the property owner.

3. Planning, financing and construction

We at Aurinkokarhu manage the entire process, from permit application, planning, financing to the construction of the solar power plant.

4. Maintenance

Aurinkokarhu is responsible for the maintenance of the facility throughout the contract period.

5. Electricity produced

The customer only pays for the electricity produced.

What is required to conclude PPA agreements?

Area for building a solar park

The electricity buyer must lease a property to build the solar park, which can be either an area of land or the roof of a building.

Profitable operations

The company should have a profitable business to ensure stability for all parties involved, as well as to be able to maintain its part of the contract.

Capacity to meet the commitment

The company must have sufficient capacity and resources to purchase the agreed amount of electricity under the contract. Electricity consumption should be above 300 kWh/h.